[ The SEXTANTE framework ]

SEXTANTE is a spatial data processing framework that brings advanced analysis capabilities to QGIS.

It allows to run a large number of analysis algorithms from the QGIS interface, and integrates seamlessly with the basic QGIS capabilities for data I/O and rendering.

Apart from native algorithms, it support external application such as GRASS, SAGA or Orfeo Toolbox, making it very easy to use them from QGIS and integrating them under a common and homogeneous framework.

SEXTANTE contains several productivity tools such as a graphical modeler, a command line interface or a batch processing interface, which add more power to all the available algorithms.

A simple-yet-powerful API is available for developers, making it also easy to implement new geoalgorithms or include support for new external applications

SEXTANTE is free software and is distributed under the GPL2 license.