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Information for both users and developers can be found in this page.

Additional information about individual algorithms is found in the SEXTANTE context help, which is included in the SEXTANTE distribution package and can be accessed for the SEXTANTE toolbox

The main source of information about SEXTANTE is the SEXTANTE manual. It is incorporated as a chapter in the QGIS manual, which you can download in PDF format or browse in HTML format at its website .

For the most up-to-date version of the current manual content, follow this link to go straight to the SEXTANTE chapter in the QGIS documentation repository.

The QGIS-SEXTANTE cookbook contains a growing collection of example analysis problems that will show you how to use SEXTANTE to solve real practical cases. Just make sure you read the SEXTANTE manual first, because a basic knowledge of SEXTANTE is assumed.